Education & Community Outreach

This year Camp Safe Berks will be held at Albright College, July-10-14, 2017. This is an opportunity for young people to spend time on campus while learning how they can make a difference in the community.
In 2007, Safe Berks launched a week long summer day camp that addresses social justice issues as the root cause of violence in our society.
Each year thirty-five Berks County youth ages 13-17 attend Camp Safe Berks free of charge.
The program is presented by a diverse team comprised of agency staff and volunteers. In true “camp spirit,” recreation is integrated into the camp schedule. The project continues to grow; each year, youth from previous camps join the Team, which works throughout the year to update camp curriculum based on what we have learned.
Making the Peace, by Paul Kivel, is the foundation for Camp Safe Berks.

Sample Camp Safe Berks Schedule
Day 1- Youth Justice Day
We explore “Adultism”, or ways in which youth are sometimes hurt, dismissed, or even abused by adult, and how as children we put up shields.
Day 2- Racial Justice Day
We address racism in our community and society.
Day 3- Gender Justice Day
We focus on sexism and violence against women and girls.
Day 4- LGBTQ+ Justice Day
Campers who identify as part of the LBGTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender or questioning) community form a caucus and speak out to their potential allies.
Day 5- Economic Justice Day
On the final day of camp, we tie together the “isms” by looking at how violence is related to class,-how wealth is and resources are distributed,and how this separates us from each other.

Camp Safe Berks relies on the support of the local community to sustain the project. Without the continued support of our generous sponsors this would not be possible.

2016 Camp Sponsors
James Beidler
Peter and Gail Braun
Calvary Reformed Church- Pastor Steve Ohnsman
Charles and Sue Dunn
Christ Episcopal
Exeter Monthly Meeting of Friends
Grace Hill
Carolyn Holleran
Kay and Bob Kalbach
Chip Karasin
Noel Karasin
Susan Millward
Margaret Pendergast
Reading Metro Taxicab, Inc.
The Junior League of Reading, PA Inc.
First Universalist Church

Contact Tasha Isaac, MHS, Director of Education and Community Outreach for more information.