Q. How many people can stay at the Safe House at one time?
A. 50 adults and children.

Q. How long can someone stay in the Safe House?
A. The Safe House is a 30-day program. (link to Safe House services)

Q. What happens after the 30 days are up?
A. Safe House staff makes every effort to assist residents to find their new home or next place to go within the 30 days. We never put someone in danger out on the street; we help them to find alternative housing or programs.

Q. Do Safe Berks attorneys represent clients in custody matters?
A. No, just in Protection From Abuse order hearings

Q. Does Safe Berks provide programming and education for young people?
A. Yes, the Education & Community Outreach Department works with youth.

Q. Why is the location of your building not secret?
A. Our Safe House location used to be a secret, but the truth is that many people were aware of the location. Because we own our building, it is hard to keep the location secret from internet inquiries. Our building is secure and we follow strict safety policies and procedures.

Q. Do abusers ever show up at your building?
A. Very rarely. If someone who is not supposed to be here shows up, or we believe there is a threat, we call 911.

Q. What kind of security do you have?
A. All visitors to the building have to be buzzed in by the person at the front desk. Staff members have key card access. We have cameras on all entrances and our parking lot.

Q. What can volunteers do at Safe Berks?
A. Volunteers are critical to BWIC’s success in achieving our mission, and we welcome volunteers in most areas of our work.

Q. What kinds of donations do you accept?
A. We accept donations of new personal care items, cleaning supplies, new or gently used clothing, new or gently used toys, and many other items. See our Wish List for urgent and ongoing needs.

Q. What kinds of programs do you have for children?
A. We offer programming for Safe House child residents, including the “Ready to Read” program, counseling, group activities, and more.