Lethality Assessment Program (LAP)

BWIC, the Reading Police Department & the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP)
In 2014 BWIC and the Reading Police Department entered into an agreement via the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence to implement the Maryland Lethality Assessment Project (LAP) in the city of Reading.

The LAP provides training for police officers to implement an assessment tool (11 questions) to the victim that measures the level of lethality, or the likelihood of domestic violence homicide, when responding to a domestic violence call. At that time, the officer will contact the BWIC hotline and speak to an advocate. The officer will then offer to connect the victim directly to the advocate via that call and a brief safety plan is developed.

The officer will activate the LAP protocol and perform the assessment if he or she sees evidence of physical injury, or if he or she believes that the assessment is warranted based on repeat response to the same address/victim, or any other “gut-level” factor that indicates to them a high level of danger.