Online Safety Alert

If an abuser knows how to read your computer’s history or cache file (automatically saved web pages and graphics), he or she may be able to see information you have viewed recently on the internet. For privacy you should clear your history after visiting any site you wish to remain confidential.

To clear your history or empty your cache file in your browser’s settings:

Internet Explorer
With Internet Explorer open, select Tools, and then select Internet Options. In the center of the form, under Temporary Internet Files, select Delete Files. When prompted, click OK to permanently delete all temporary internet files, and then wait for the delete to be completed. If the number of files is large, this could take a minute or two to complete. Just below the center of the form, under History, click the Clear History button. When asked if you are sure you want to delete your history of visited web sites, click the Yes button. Click the OK button to close this window.

Pull down Edit menu, select Preferences. Click on Navigator and choose ‘Clear History.’ Click on Advanced, and then select Cache. Click on ‘Clear Disk Cache.’ On older versions of Netscape: Pull down Options menu. Select Network Preferences; select Cache. Click on “Clear Disk Cache.”

Select History > Clear History from the top dropdown menu.