Ready to Read Program

To ease the anxiety associated with shelter living, Safe Berks developed a Ready to Read Program to implement goals, strategies, resources, assessment tools and data to build a foundation to increase reading achievement for children ages 3-8. Children are active learners and develop and learn best in the context of a community in which they are safe and valued; their physical needs are met; and they feel secure. The Ready to Read Program will consist of participants who reside in the Safe House and Bridge House Program



The Ready to Read program was developed specifically for our Residential Programs.  As the children we serve must already overcome the barriers of abuse, neglect and homelessness, our trained staff is able to create a safe space for learning, and can also provide enhanced reading skills. We serve a large percentage of children for whom English is not the primary language spoken at home.  We are able to bridge the distance between these children and their peers so that their school experience is positive and they remain willing to learn.


Safe Berks is eligible to receive corporate support through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. Safe Berks is approved to utilize EITC funds to support our Ready to Read Program. EITC contributions provide funding that allows children ages 3-8, residing in the Safe House or Bridge House program, to participate in a specified curriculum that is divided into three distinct areas of skills and learning. Group #1 ages 3-4 years of age, Group #2 ages 5-6 years of age, and Group #3 ages 7-8 years of age.


Safe Berks has had continued success with the Ready to Read program. It is our mission for children to receive undivided attention, to be able to learn at their own pace, and to feel as comfortable as possible when doing so.


If you pay corporate taxes to the state of Pennsylvania, you can now make a huge difference in the lives of our children, while benefitting your organization. Please consider making Safe Berks your organization’s EITC designee.

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