Residential Services

Emergency Safe House
BWIC provides free emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault at our Center. Services:

  • 30-day program for up to 50 women and children in a safe, secure location
  • Easy access to public transportation and community resources
  • Friendly, caring staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Professional counselors and case management available to all residents
  • Children’s advocate on-site for counseling, “Ready to Read” program, Nature Explore Classroom     program, and planned activities
  • Support groups and educational programs
  • Connection to all BWIC services, including legal advocacy and assistance with Protection From Abuse orders
  • Safe House Phone: 610-373-2053
  • Safe House Fax: 610-373-1799

Bridge Housing
Bridge housing is a short-term program, usually one to three months, open to single women and women with children. The majority of the residents start in the Safe House, and need more time than the allotted 30-day stay to secure permanent housing. Residents share kitchen and living spaces, and have private bedrooms for themselves and their family. Residents have full access to all BWIC services and supports.

Transitional Housing
BWIC provides longer-term (up to 2 years) transitional housing for women and children at 10 agency-owned town homes, known as the Emma Lazarus Place. Five of the town homes are accessed via Section 8 program-based vouchers. Women who enter the Transitional Housing program have BWIC support and full access to services while they work to achieve their goals.

Housing Advocacy
In addition to BWIC’s on-site housing options, the Housing Advocate and Safe House case managers assist residential clients in connecting to a transitional or permanent housing option that will work best for them, based on their income, eligibility for specific transitional housing programs, and other factors. BWIC maintains close partnerships with public and private housing providers and transitional housing programs in order to inform and connect clients to the best option for their situation.